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The word Fulfillment can mean many things to many clients. For our purpose we describe fulfillment as any process where we take customer order requests and pick, pack, and ship these orders anywhere around the world. The products can range from printed sales literature to articles of clothing and everything in between.



Key Benefits

bulletOur print and mail operation is the logical link to fulfillment marketing.
bulletYou choose one vendor for the complete marketing project
bulletWe have long standing relationships with all of the major shipping and package carriers




Our Fulfillment operation was developed with an emphasis on customer service. We know that our clients want the ordering process to be uncomplicated and user friendly. They also want the knowledge that if there is a problem they can speak to a customer service representative to quickly solve their problem to their satisfaction.


Warehousing Facilities
Our warehouses are all modern construction, heated and secure. They are connected by a modern computer network and voice/data system. They all have tailboard delivery capability for all types of vehicles.
On-line Internet Ordering
Your customers, customer service representatives, or corporate communications agents can go into our web site and order what they need when they need it. Our system will show them what the item looks like, and how many they can order. The site will be secure from unauthorized ordering based on passwords that you specify. The web site ordering system is very flexible and can be customized to fit your specific needs.
24/7 Telephone Ordering
Any of your prospective customers or field service people that are not web capable can still order from us via our 24 hour seven day a week phone order system. Our order takers are experienced and thorough. They can use one of our standard phone scripts or use something that you have specifically tailored to your business. 
Prompt Order Processing and Shipment
All orders are picked, packed, and shipped within 24 hours. Any orders that require payment verification may take additional time. Orders can be shipped by several different methods or ones that you specify. You have the flexibility to set the parameters you want.
Order and Inventory Reports
We can supply you with a wide variety of reports for your marketing analysis. These reports can be supplied at almost any time interval and in any format that you request.
Order Tracking and Delivery Confirmation
Any order can be tracked during delivery and confirmed at the time of delivery with a signature verification and time stamp. This can help you with loss prevention due to false non-delivery claims.
Credit Card Order Processing
We can process credit card orders on-site for all major credit card companies. We can also set up more than one account if you have multiple products with different revenue centers.
Batch Processing to Your Bank Account
All of the credit card transactions can be batched and deposited directly into your bank account or into more than one account if necessary. You would be responsible for setting up the account with your bank and supplying us with the proper account information




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